CEATEC Official App Terms of Use

The terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the terms) define usage conditions of the CEATEC Official App, which is a smartphone app offered by JESA (Japan Electronics Show Association). Follow the defined terms for using the app.

Article 1: Applying
  1. The terms will apply to the person (hereinafter referred to as the user) who downloads and installs this app to his/her smartphone.
  2. Using the app automatically means that the user agrees to the terms.
Article 2: Information acquisition
This app acquires the following information from the app user.
  1. Personal information
    The following personal information will be acquired when a user uses the log-in ID registered for exhibitions (CEATEC and Inter BEE) managed by JESA. Additionally, personal information is acquired only for the purpose of registering the app; the personal information will not be utilized for other purposes, or provided to a third party.
    Information acquired
    • (1) Name
    • (2) Gender
    • (3) Age
    • (4) Email address
    • (5) Company name
    • (6) Department name
    • (7) Job title
  2. Information on usage
    The following information will be acquired when the app is used by a user. However the acquired information will not include the aforementioned personal information.
    Information acquired
    • (1) Positional information (only from opt-in users)
    • (2) Google Play Advertising ID or IDFA
    • (3) User agent (user’s environment), IP address, access point
    • (4) Service usage condition (setup information, frequency of use, access history of each screen, selected language and country of residence, statistics information)
    Method of management after acquisition:
    The obtained information will be offered to the association via the Internet and stored on a server possessed by JESA.
    Purpose of using the information at JESA:
    • (1) To provide the app service
    • (2) To create attribute summary, analysis, and statistics reference material of the acquired information
    Procedures to terminate acquisition:
    If a user rejects acquisition of positional data, the user can go to the settings menu and terminate acquisition on the smartphone installed with the app.
  3. Providing information on usage to third parties
    JESA will offer the information on usage stated in the aforementioned section to third parties.
    Purpose of provision and who the information is provided to:
Article 3: Copyright
  1. All intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the content displayed on the app and trademarks related to programs that compose the app belong to JESA or the content provider.
  2. This app is for personal use only, and reproduction or duplication of any or all content without permission from the copyright owner is prohibited.
  3. If a problem related to intellectual property rights arises, such as copyright (in violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph) issues, the user must solve the problem at their own expense and responsibility as JESA shall not be liable.
Article 4: Prohibitions
  1. User shall not conduct the following acts; if one disobeys the rules and conducts any of the following acts, the association has the right to terminate provision of service(s) for the app without prior notice.
    • (1) Duplication, editing, revision, reformation, and adaption of the app.
    • (2) Duplication of program that composes the app (including object code, and source code, etc.) or disclosing such information to a third party.
    • (3) An act that interferes with the operation of the service provided by this application, or an act that is a threat thereof.
    • (4) An act using the content of this application for the purpose other than the service use provided by this application.
    • (5) Acts that cause damages or loss to other users, third parties or the association; or acts that pose a threat thereof.
    • (6) Acts against public order and morals, acts in violation of laws, or acts that are a potential threat.
    • (7) Acts that violate the terms.
    • (8) Any other acts that the association considers inappropriate
  2. JESA may suspend or delete the users' usage qualifications and claim compensation for any damage that may occur to other users, third party, or JESA due to an act that falls under any of the items in the preceding article.
  3. JESA is not responsible for any damages that the user or third party suffers due to unavailability of the app, causing the suspension or deletion of the usage qualification as stated in the preceding paragraph. Also, the user must bear all legal liability even after losing eligibility to use the application.
Article 5: Disclaimer of warrantees
  1. JESA is not liable for any of the following matters:
    • (1) When a user causes damage to other users or third parties by using this application.
    • (2) When a user cannot use the application or when damage occurs due use of this application in which the association is not responsible.
  2. This app is not guaranteed to work with all smartphones of all users.
    • (1) The app may not operate properly on certain smartphones even if the installed operating system is the recommended version.
    • (2) Because the application is developed for use on smartphones, its use on tablets is not guaranteed.
  3. JESA is not liable for the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, and as such that are obtained through the use of this application.
  4. JESA is not liable for damages to smartphones caused by accessing and using information posted, images and links, as well as in the case of infection by computer virus through such use.
  5. Information posted on the app is accurate but not guaranteed. Products shown on the app may differ from actual products due to specification changes and method of image processing. If damage is caused to the user owing to such cause, the association is not liable.
  6. As a log-in ID to an exhibition (e.g. CEATEC and Inter BEE) managed by JESA is also entered using the correct app at the time of setup, the app will recognize the user as being the correct user. JESA will not be liable for any damage caused even if the app is being used by someone other than the registered user due to the smartphone or the ID being stolen, illegal use or any other circumstances. For these reasons, the ID(s) for entry to exhibitions managed by JESA (e.g. CEATEC and Inter BEE) shall be managed per the owner's responsibility, including measures to change the password regularly so that it is not known to others.
Article 6: Others
  1. JESA has the right to change in whole or in part the app content (such as specifications and appearance) without prior notice.
  2. JESA may change the app regulations without prior notice. The revised Terms & Conditions will take effect at the time of modification.
  3. In the case that JESA provides separate conditions of use for another application that contradict the conditions for this application, conditions for this application take precedence over other conditions of use.
  4. In using the services provided by this app, which may use the services provided by a third party such as the smartphone manufacturer or mobile carrier, Terms & Conditions of the third party may be applied.
Article 7: Exclusive agreement jurisdiction court
If a dispute arises between JESA and the user in applying these terms and using this app, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first trial.

【Supplementary Rules】

Effective September 2, 2019
Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA)