Privacy Policy(CEATEC JAPAN)

Personal information comprises all information that can be used to identify individuals (users), which includes name, gender, age, address, phone number, e-mail address, service access and other data records, and identification numbers and/or symbols. Also included is information that, through comparisons with other data, can be used to identify individuals. The management office has adopted the following diverse measures to ensure the security of this personal information, as the office sees such protection as a social responsibility of CEATEC JAPAN.

1. Handling of Personal Information

The Japan Electronics Show Association ("the Association") is entrusted with organizing the exhibition by the CEATEC JAPAN sponsors. Personal information relevant to this exhibition is appropriately handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy of the Association.

The Association, which mainly comprises electronic device and electronic component manufacturers, holds exhibitions, seminars, and other activities for the progress of the electronics and information technology industries in cooperation with sponsors. In these activities, the Association fully understands the importance of properly handling personal information and the responsibility for protecting the information.

Therefore, the Association strictly handles information that could be used to identify individuals ("Personal Information") obtained through its activities, in compliance with laws and other regulations concerning Personal Information.

The Association defines Personal Information as information that identifies individuals, including pieces of information that do not identify individuals directly, but could easily be matched with other information to identify individuals. The Association collects the following Personal Information through documents, electronic media, or websites.

  1. Name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, place of employment, affiliation or position
  2. Bank account details required for direct-debits or payments for charges related to events

2. Purpose of Using Personal Information

The Personal Information obtained from users at events that the Association operates or is entrusted to operate, will be used for the following purposes under the terms and conditions. To use the acquired Personal Information other than those listed below, the Association will obtain prior consent from the said individuals.

  1. For sending reports or outlines, etc. regarding the Association's operations
  2. For handling invitations such as an exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and other events which the Association is entrusted with, and managing these events (*)
  3. For administering the Association's website
  4. For providing and distributing the Association's documents such as journals, reports, and proposals
  5. For handling consultations and messages received from users regarding the activities which the Association operates or is entrusted to operate
  6. For sending notification, questionnaires, etc. regarding the activities which the Association operates or is entrusted to operate
  7. For sending proposals and communications regarding the activities which the Association operates, etc.

* The Association gathers personal information in order to improve its services regarding the operation, registering visitors prior to and during exhibitions, and accepting reservations to attend exhibitions, conferences and other special programs.
The Association also collects personal information for use in user questionnaires and for responding to requests for reference materials.
Information-gathering activities are also used to provide registered visitors to exhibitions with information on promotions, and the products and services of companies related to the Association.
The Association uses personal information only for these purposes.

3. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

No personal information collected by the Association will be provided to unrelated third parties except in the cases listed below. However, visitors to exhibitions or conference programs organized by the Association or corporation/organization (exhibitors) are issued with admission pass with personalized barcodes. These barcodes are read upon entering the exhibition and attending conference programs, as well as at the exhibitor booths. As a result, information, which is possessed by the Association that might be considered personal in nature, is shared between the Association and the exhibitors. Visitors are requested to understand that exhibitors might send information directly to them by e-mail or post after the exhibition. In addition, user data from the website and exhibition sites are sometimes provided to third parties in a format that prevents identification of individuals. Such information is not considered personal in nature. Furthermore, the Association requests strict management of the personal information by the above-mentioned exhibitors with the same level as the Association.

  1. In cases where the consent of the individual is obtained in advance
  2. In cases where there is a legal obligation to provide Personal Information
  3. In cases where it is difficult to contact individuals when necessary for protecting their property or personal safety
  4. In cases where it is difficult to contact individuals when it is especially necessary for improving public health or promoting children's health and welfare
  5. In cases where it is difficult to carry out the activities by informing the individuals when it is necessary to cooperate with a national organization, local authority, or its consigners in accordance with laws

When it is required to provide Personal Information to third parties the Association requests strict management of the information by those parties according to the above-mentioned cases. What's more, the Association will restrict the purposes of using the information and take necessary actions as needed.

4. Website Operated by the Association

On exhibition websites operated by the Association, cookies are used to provide services customized to individual users and to count the total number of accesses by all users to the site. Individual IP addresses are also collected to collate data on usage of the website and monitor trends in site usage, but these addresses are not used in any way that might lead to the identification of individual users. However, the Association shall be exempt from this stipulation if its legal rights are infringed upon or interfered with by a user(s), or the potential of such infringement or interference is suspected.

5. Managing Personal Information

The Association will protect the security of Personal Information provided by users by strictly managing Personal Information within the scope of the above purposes and by taking extensive measures to protect Personal Information from inappropriate access, loss, destruction, tampering and disclosure.

Regarding activities that the Association is entrusted to operate, the Association will comply with the organizing committee's personal information policies.

When entrusting the handling of Personal Information, the Association will conclude nondisclosure agreements with the contractors and supervise them.

Furthermore, the Association will add information obtained through third parties to the Personal Information collected through the Association's activities and manage in the same manner.

6. Disclosure, Modification, and Ceasing Use of Personal Information

When a user requests disclosure, modification, or cessation of use of their Personal Information, the Association will take appropriate action immediately based on the situation.

Users can confirm registered details for e-mail transmission on websites managed by the Association and alter these details.

7. Rights of Users

Provision of Personal Information by users to this website is solely on a voluntary basis, thus users have the right to cease the transmission of their Personal Information. However, as a result, users may not fully receive the services offered on the website.

Users may at any time request that the disclosure, revision, deletion, or distribution of information be ceased, and/or that their Personal Information be deleted from the Association's database.

Furthermore, the Association will request in a speedy manner to take the same actions as mentioned above to exhibitors who are supplied with the users' information.

Users who wish to change or add to their registered Personal Information, or cancel their registration, should follow the instructions on the website or contact the designated e-mail address or website.

8. Security

Securing users' Personal Information is a very important issue to the Association and the website. All related websites are implementing security measures to protect against illegal access to and the loss, destruction, and distortion of this information.

However, these security measures do not extend to the process of connecting to these websites. Users are urged to ensure the security of their Personal Information through appropriate measures on their personal computer systems.

9. Links to websites other than CEATEC JAPAN

The Association assumes no responsibility for the protection of Personal Information of users of commercial and private websites linked to the CEATEC JAPAN and related website pages.

Usage of these websites is regarded as consenting to the content of this Privacy Policy Statement.

10. Personal Information Managing System

The Association will establish a strict system for protecting Personal Information supervised by the administration manager, and carefully manage Personal Information.

11. Questions

If there are any questions regarding the protection of Personal Information, please contact us at:

Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA)
Administration Section
5F Ote Center Bldg., 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
TEL: +81-3-6212-5231
FAX: +81-3-6212-5225

Go here for any questions. Inquiry Form

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