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Pro Camcorders are Increasingly Being Used Within Studio Settings

According to the 2016 System & Box Camera Market report from Futuresource Consulting pro camcorders are increasingly competing with system cameras in the studio environment due to CAPEX savings.

The report highlights that although pro camcorders are primarily used on location, they are now being brought into the studio environment. Futuresource Consulting states that this is due to cost savings.

"Companies are saving money by not purchasing the more expensive system camera and opting for a pro camcorder instead," commented Nicky Price, Broadcast Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. "An example of this is during elections or large events where additional studio cameras are needed. Instead of purchasing new system cameras, companies which already own existing pro camcorders, can sync timecodes using Genlock capabilities, whilst outputting content via an SDI cable or with a studio adaptor."

The report also looks at areas where usability might be compromised when integrating pro camcorders into the studio work flow. When using pro camcorders within studio applications, an SDI output does not provide full control between cameras. The study found that end-users have to download the camera setup to an SD card and copy the setup to each camera individually, increasing setup time. So, even though money is being saved in one area it is being lost in another.

In terms of connectivity if the end user wants to have full control between cameras a studio adaptor that enables fibre connectivity can be used, but the availability of these adaptors is dependent on the type of camcorder being used.

Futuresource Consulting suggests that if an end-user is happy without full control between devices, a pro camcorder can be used for a variety of studio applications. If the end-user wants full control between cameras but does not have the budget to purchase another system camera, an alternative would be to rent a system camera.

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