The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award,
and Grand Prix, Carbon Neutral Category Award

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
Film-Based Perovskite Photovoltaic Module
Toshiba Corporation
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As Japan transitions to becoming reliant on renewable energy for the bulk of its power generation, one of the challenges it faces is a lack of space for installing solar cells. Offering one solution may be film-based perovskite solar cells, noted for being light, thin, and flexible. Perovskite film can be employed in many different places, including urban areas, where the installation of silicon solar cells can prove difficult. Toshiba has developed a proprietary method for film growth, achieving an energy conversion efficiency of 15.1% – the highest in the world for any large-scale solar cell module comprised of perovskite film. This represents significant progress toward realizing a practical application for this technology.


Toshiba’s lightweight and flexible solar cells made from perovskite film have achieved an energy conversion efficiency of 15.1%, equivalent to that of the polycrystalline silicon solar cells in widespread use today. Employing perovskite film for solar power generation is expected to raise the relative contribution of renewable energy sources, since this material can be installed in so many different places, including curved surfaces and windows, where conventional solar cells cannot be used owing to higher strength requirements. Until now a two-step process has been used for film preparation, but Toshiba’s single-step process contributes to improved energy efficiency and faster production. The award recognizes that this new technology will serve to promote practical applications of perovskite film in solar cells. Photovoltaic power generation is essential for realizing a carbon-neutral society, but due to the flat form and weight of conventional solar cells, there has been a limited choice of locations where installation is possible. That is why this new technology is expected to give rise to a wide range of practical applications, and it was highly evaluated for its potential contribution to the growth of renewable energy.

CEATEC AWARD 2021: Award categories and judging criteria

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award recognizes the most innovative candidates with dynamic market potential that have contributed significantly both to the advancement of the CPS/IoT community and the realization of Society 5.0.The candidates will additionally possess the creativity and marketability to stimulate digital transformation in the age of the “New Normal” while finding solutions for issues facing next-generation lifestyles, businesses and industries. Other judging criteria include the ability of candidates to ensure new value using AI, robotics, and Big Data, as well as create transformational approaches to manufacturing via services utilizing IoT and the development of technology to promote IoT across diverse fields.