The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award,
and Grand Prix, Super City/Smart City Category Award

The Smart Cities NEC Aims To Create: Super Cities
The Smart Cities NEC Aims To Create: Super Cities
NEC Corporation
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The NEC Urban OS links assets that include FIWARE infrastructure software – used as a data collaboration platform for super cities and smart cities – and NEC’s proprietary AI and biometric authentication technologies. By combining multiple services that efficiently coordinate data, such as information held by local governments, with the administrative services provided to residents, Urban OS will contribute to the evolution of cities where people can enjoy active daily lives and peace of mind.


The Urban OS was conceived as a cloud service that supports the communal functions required to provide the sort of advanced services envisioned for super cities and smart cities. To enhance the efficiency of administrative services spanning multiple fields – such as tourism, medical care and welfare, and disaster prevention – the NEC Urban OS is based on FIWARE, a curated framework of open source platform components already employed in Europe. In addition, it features data analysis using NEC’s AI system called “NEC the WISE”, identity verification using face recognition and other biometric authentication features, and ID linkage management functions. All of this contributes to lowering development costs and speeding up implementation. This award recognizes NEC’s track record (providing support for several local governments) and its comprehensive capabilities, including the ability to craft systems tailored to regional characteristics and needs, such as inter-regional cooperation and communal management.

CEATEC AWARD 2021: Award categories and judging criteria

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award recognizes candidates deemed to have contributed significantly to the improvement of living standards and society as a whole via digital transformation in the age of the “New Normal”. Candidates will also be determined by their ability to enhance the efficiency of economic activities and promote added value by advancing the CPS/IoT community and realization of Society 5.0. This includes but is not limited to the innovative utilization of information and communications networks, data, AI technologies and IoT technologies in the so-called age of IoT and Big Data, as well as the formation of services based on the aforementioned technologies for use in local communities.