(Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies)
Pre-Event: September 9, September 16, September 24, September 30
Opening Event: October 15
Media Day: October 18 (TBD)
Main Event: October 19 - October 22
After-event: -End of November
Exhibition Theme
Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future
Promotional Slogan
CEATEC -Toward Society 5.0 with the New Normal

Exhibition Area

General Exhibit Area

The General Exhibit Area introduces a full range of solutions and products aimed at realizing Society 5.0, as well as solutions and products that will revolutionize specific fields, industries, markets, and technologies, such as electronic components, devices and software that will support the realization of Society 5.0.

Society 5.0 Area

The Society 5.0 Area introduces technologies and services as well as the initiatives of companies, organizations, and local governments that will become the new social infrastructure of the Society 5.0 era. The area will be organized under the three themes of Carbon Neutral, Super City/Smart City, and DX (Digital Transformation).

Co-Creation PARK

The Startup & University Zone is for startups that have been in business for nine years or less (established after October 2012), as well as universities and academic institutions aiming to implement their research results into society. Each exhibitor will have its own page to introduce its products and solutions. In addition, there will be a Global Area for overseas organizations.

Exhibition Area


CEATEC 2021 Conference

CEATEC 2021 Conference

A number of planned and technical sessions as well as seminars will be held, with global corporate executives and key persons from across industries and borders taking the stage.

  • Carbon neutral (green ☓ digital)
  • Mobility (Connected car / Flying car)
  • 5G (Mobile communication system)
  • Super city/Smart city
Pre-Event September 9, September 16, September 24, September 30
Opening Event October 15
Main Event October 19 - October 22
After-event -End of November