"Speak Lamp" brighten you but also mind.

Twin Eco Co.Ltd. (Office: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takashi Hayada) exhibits Speak Lamp at CEATEC JAPAN 2018 (Makuhari Messe).
Speak Lamp is a product patented by us in April this year (Japanese Patent No. 6325731).

The function is simple.
When somebody comes, the lamp guides with light and voice. Since the user can freely change the voice file, it can be set freely according to the intended use. By using light and voice together, it gives the impression being welcomed to visitors, and there is the aspect that it is easy to listen to voice guidance more.
Various uses are assumed by changing the sound.
For example, it is possible to welcome visitors brightly by installing it on an unattended reception, or to introduce by foreign language at a tourist spot.

■ Features
Easy to install just by replacing the existing lamp bulb.
Operable without internet environment
There is warmness to reproduce the human voice, not the machine voice

■ Future plans
In the future, we will implement audio file rewriting function through smartphone application and aim for commercialization in the spring of 2019.

■ Company profile
Company name: Twin Eco Corporation
Representative: Representative Director Koji Hayata (Takashi Hayata)
Address: 7-7-2 Kitaizumi Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 133-0051 Tokyo
Establishment: August 2014
Business description: Planning, manufacture and sale of lighting equipment
URL: http://www.eco2.tokyo

■ Inquiries concerning this matter
Name of person in charge: Takashi Hayada (Takashi Hayata)
TEL: 81-70-6454-6901
Email: hayata@eco2.tokyo

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