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Grand Prix

Transparent Display Partition

Sharp Corporation (Exhibit Area: General)

New Normal Solutions Category Grand Prix

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, increasingly partitions are being erected to physically separate people from each other, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. However, there are also concerns that such partitions may interfere with interpersonal communications and create a sense of being cooped up in an enclosed space. As a solution to this, Sharp has developed this display partition that is highly transparent and non-luminescent, offering new potential and better lifestyle options under “new normal” conditions.


With partitions being increasingly used to separate people and thus control the spread of COVID-19, the company developed this display partition that is highly transparent and does not emit light. It excels compared to conventional solutions with a transparency of over 60% and its use of ambient light for display. This helps to lower communication barriers and the sense of being in an enclosed space. A partition that can display information offers fun and convenience while providing a sense of security through physical separation. Moreover, with the integration of communication technologies such as 5G and IT technologies such as AR, as well as tie-ups with various industries, this product is expected to play a useful role in “new normal” life by providing a window of information that delivers appropriate information in appropriate locations, entertaining and enhancing people’s sense of security. This groundbreaking idea represents an ingenious adaptation of existing LCD technology to meet the needs of the times. Additionally, the display of information on partitions is expected to foster the development of new markets.

Semi Grand Prix

Simulated Bifurcation Machine

Toshiba Corporation (Exhibit Area: General)

New Normal Solutions Category Semi Grand Prix

Simulated Bifurcation Machine (SBM) refers to technologies for solving large-scale combinatorial optimization problems with high speed and precision. Many issues facing modern society, such as finding optimal routes to alleviate traffic congestion, are combinatorial optimization problems in which the solution is the optimal choice from among many possible combinations. The total number of combinations is typically huge, making it difficult to find a solution quickly using conventional techniques, but SBM can rapidly find an optimal solution and can thus contribute to solving various problems.


Combinatorial optimization is recognized for its ability to rapidly solve many issues facing modern society, such as finding the optimal routes for vehicles to alleviate traffic congestion. It is expected that this highly flexible technology, provided either as a Cloud service or on-premises, can be used for a wide range of purposes and it is expected to contribute to solving a variety of issues. When put to work for local governments and industry, SMB will pave the way to the creation of an efficient and sustainable world.