Society 5.0 TOWN
– This exhibit area will focus on the theme of “A City in 2030”.

Through co-creation by a number of companies focused primarily on the service industries, this planned exhibit area will showcase “a city in 2030”.
Previously called the IoT Town, an exhibit zone arranged by the organizers, has been renewed to introduce for the first time a wide variety of new features offered by service-industry leaders (in urban function, commercial, and dwelling) specifically related to transportation, city infrastructure & disaster-prevention, distribution, sales, finance & retail, medical, entertainment, lifelong learning & education, living & personal applications, etc. First-time participants to CEATEC 2019 from the mobility, distribution, construction, and electricity/gas industries will also propose ecommerce business solutions (B2B2C) that help unify goods and services. A co-creation zone will additionally be set up to introduce goods and services created through the use of collaborating technologies and know-how from diverse businesses and industries.

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