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Grand Prix

Misumi Group Inc. (Booth No. E052)

meviy – Digital transformation of component procurement in the manufacturing industry

Misumi Group Inc.  (Booth No. E052) meviy – Digital transformation of component procurement in the manufacturing industry
Representing a next-generation parts procurement platform, meviy greatly facilitates manufacturing: once design data for sheet metal parts and components made by cutting/processing metal or resin are uploaded to the Cloud, AI technology is used to automatically recognize the shape of each part, following which the relevant prices and delivery times are displayed in a few seconds. When an order is placed, this platform ensures rapid delivery (items can be dispatched within 1 day), even for build-to-order production. Harnessing two revolutionary developments – AI-based automatic estimates and digital manufacturing systems – meviy can drastically reduce the parts procurement process for manufacturers.
By providing remarkable time value, meviy gives the enterprise more time to spend on creative processes. As a manufacturing platform that supports Society 5.0. which aims at economic development while also solving social issues, meviy represents high value as it fosters creativity and satisfaction among those involved in production. Misumi Group, which has an established presence in parts procurement, was highly appraised for taking the initiative, creating this new innovation, and thus making a significant contribution to solving DX issues in Japan’s manufacturing industry while further expanding the latent needs of its customers.
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Area : Smart X Booth No. E052

Semi Grand Prix

Kyocera Corporation (Booth No. H020)

Carbohydrate monitoring system

Kyocera Corporation (Booth No. H020)  Carbohydrate monitoring system
Non-invasive methods for measuring blood sugar and lipid levels have been proposed in the past but they did not result in practical applications due to concerns regarding accuracy and portability. Realizing that the shape of the human pulse wave changes following a meal, Kyocera became the first company in the world to develop a carbohydrate monitoring system that uses changes in pulse wave shape to estimate the degree of glucose metabolism. Kyocera's carbohydrate diet monitor is a compact wrist-mounted device featuring a gyro sensor that measures the pulse wave shape. It thus allows the wearer to monitor his/her glucose metabolism following a meal, anywhere and at any time.
Thanks to the development of this low-cost, compact pulse wave sensor with built-in gyro sensor, it is possible to monitor glucose metabolism with very little power consumption: it operates on a button battery. Making this product widely available to many users will promote the early detection and prevention of diabetes as well as reducing medical costs. The judges appraised Kyocera highly for employing gyro sensor technology to realize their innovative pulse wave sensor concept, as well as going on to develop a new market from their discovery of the close correlation between changes in pulse wave shape and blood sugar levels.
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Area : Devices & Technologies Booth No. H020