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CEATEC 2019 comes to a successful conclusion

A total of 144,491 registered visitors recorded over the four-day period.
The next exhibition will be held at Makuhari Messe
from October 20th (Tue.) to 23rd (Fri.), 2020.

October 18, 2019

The CEATEC Executive Board – comprised of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, the Communications and Information Network Association of Japan, and the Computer Software Association of Japan – has announced the successful conclusion of CEATEC 2019 on Friday, Oct. 18th. This exhibition was held at Makuhari Messe (Mihama, Chiba) from Tuesday, Oct. 15th with 787 companies and organizations participating in the event. During the four-day period, a total of 144,491 registered visitors from a wide variety of industries and businesses as well as a significant number for students who represent the future attended CEATEC 2019.

This year’s event commemorated the 20th anniversary of CEATEC and the designs of future society were showcased by the exhibition theme of, "Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future”. In the coming years, CEATEC will continue as the preeminent digital consumer-electronics tradeshow that communicates how people's lives can be enriched through the use of technology. This exhibition will also continue promoting Society 5.0 (super smart society) at upcoming events to ensure that all visitors can enjoy virtual-reality experiences of how lifestyles and society in general will look like in the future. Next year, CEATEC 2020 will again be held at Makuhari Messe for a four-day period from Tuesday, Oct. 20th to Friday, Oct. 23rd.

■ CEATEC 2019 Registered Visitors
2019Oct. 15 (Tue.)Oct. 16 (Wed.)Oct. 17 (Thu.)Oct. 18 (Fri.)Four-day total
[Reference] 2018Oct. 16 (Tue.)Oct. 17 (Wed.)Oct. 18 (Thu.)Oct. 19 (Fri.)Four-day total
Visitors35,594 33,670 40,321 46,478 156,063

■ CEATEC 2019 Participation Details
・ No. of exhibitors:787 companies/organizations (725 in 2018, +8.6% increase).
・ No. of booths: 2,122 booths (1,786 in 2018, +18.8% increase).
・ No. of international exhibitors:
250companies/organizations from24 countries/regions worldwide
(206 exhibitors from 19 countries/regions in 2018).
・ Startups/university research institutions:
170 companies/organizations
(162 in 2018, increase of 8 exhibitors).
・ First-time exhibitors: 304 companies/organizations (345 in 2018).