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Reference Materials

We'd like to request some literature on exhibiting.
You can request an exhibitors reference pamphlet from the link on this website, via Inquiry Form, or call us directly at the CEATEC Management Office.
Exhibitors Reference (PDF)

Application, Payment, and Fees

If I register for the hybrid event, do I need to register again as CEATEC 2021 ONLINE?
All applications for the hybrid event have been cancelled, so you will need to apply again for CEATEC 2021 ONLINE.
We would like to know how to apply for CEATEC.
Exhibitors can apply online from this website.
Follow the link to access Application and apply by filling in the required fields in the Exhibit Application Form.
Please note that we only accept applications online; do not submit in person, send by postal mail, fax or e-mail.
Click to apply
When is the last day to cancel the application to exhibit?
Consult for exhibit cancellation if an exhibitor has to cancel its application owing to inevitable reasons. However please note that a full (100%) cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made after tuesday, July 31.
When is the last day to change the exhibition area and/or number of plan?
Exhibitors may change their application criteria up until July 30.
As a general rule, requests to change exhibit zone(s) are not accepted on and after July 31.
We would like to know about billing.
Statement of invoice for the exhibit fee will be issued and sent to the exhibitor in the middle of July 2021. The payment is due on or before Wednesday, June 30th. Electricity and other utilities, if applicable, will be billed after the end of the exhibition.
Will I be able to apply after the exhibitor application deadline July 30, 2021?
■ Exhibiting at Makuhari Messe, Online Seminars
Applicants may still apply if the number of booths and conference session slots have not been filled by July 30, 021.
■ Exhibiting Online
You can apply for online exhibition.

About Online Exhibit (Online Venue)

How are "startups" defined for exhibiting at the Startup & University Zone inside the Co-Creation PARK?
Startup is defined as growing enterprises/organizations that are in business for less than 9 years (established after October 2012).
Is it possible for an exhibitor to introduce more than one product in one exhibition channel (product introduction page)?
Yes, it is possible.
We want to turn the exhibition channel into a special page for our company.
It is possible, however will be dealt individually for a fee. Details will be announced separately in May.

About Seminar Sessions (Conferences)

Will seminars (conferences) be held at the Makuhari Venue during the exhibition?
No, this year, seminars and conferences will be performed entirely online during the exhibition period.


We want to learn more about it.
Please contact the CEATEC Management Office via the inquiry form. One of our representatives will contact you with further details.
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